As was bound to happen, the popularity of gambling in Wales has raised concerns from certain quarters, with many claiming that betting in the country has reached problem levels. While that may not be entirely true – there are tens of responsible gamblers for every single one with a problem, and the ‘problem gambling’ studies are highly subjective- let’s admit that we often lose more than we intended while chasing a gone bet.

Many gamblers would rather get gambling advice from someone who has some actual betting experience, right? So, here, a few tips to keep you afloat in the betting scene….in no particular order.

Image result for gambling strategyHave a gambling strategy

Much as they are touted not to work, gambling strategies are a great way to remain level-headed when playing. For one, they set out a route for you to take no matter the outcome of any particular bet. If for example, the strategy indicates you bet one more unit after a loss, it saves you from throwing away big amounts in an emotional chase.

Strategies like the Martingale, Fibonacci and Labouchere can be great tools to embrace.

Maintain a specific gambling pot

Always know how much you are willing and able to spare for gambling purposes. Once you have a betting pot allocated, you should divide it into units which are to be used for each round of betting.

It is advisable to always have your betting pot in cash and avoid carrying extra cash when you go on the betting chase.

Make use of free bonuses

Before investing real money in a casino, always make use of the free bonuses offered until you get the hang of things. This way, you get to know when its time to quit and avoid spending money meant for other important tasks on gambling.

Stick to one or a few casinos

Whether gambling online or in a brick and mortar casino, hopping from house to house is a sure way to lose track of your gambling. Here’s why. When betting in one house, you tend to bet continuously along a streak. If you are losing, the feeling gets to you and you may decide to call it quits.

When you move to a new house, however, you feel like its a new start and start investing afresh. The prospect of having a better run will draw you in and you end up losing even more. Former Arsenal striker John Hartson had such a problem and knows this only too well.

Having these tips at your fingertips will not only help you maintain a good betting habit, but it will also come in handy in getting nagging anti-gambling crusaders of your back. We all know that a single case of betting going bad will always be blown out of proportion to paint the worst picture of this great pleasure; you don’t want to be the said bad example.

That there have not been any new laws to curb betting in Wales should be enough proof that it is not as bad as some want us to believe. Still, staying level-headed in the game can never be a bad idea.