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1924 to 2013

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Classic Rally of the Vales 1990 to 1999

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wpe12.jpg (38517 bytes) The Classic Rally of the Vale in the 1990s started from the Hilton National for "150 miles of classic rally routes in Mid Wales". In 1999 it featured tests around Swansea Docks before heading out for stages in the "Llanstephan Triangle"

In the 10 years of running the Classic Rally of the Vales over 10,000 was raised for charity, with donations being made to the NSPCC, The Guide Association, Broneiron Appeal, The Muscular Dystrophy Group, CISCC, Headway, VICTA, The Stroke Association, and the Diabetes Association

The Classic Rally became so prestigious it became a qualifying event for the Classic Monte Carlo Rally http://www.classicrally.org.uk/

N.B all these details are correct as far as is known. If anybody has any additional information and can supply official documentation or eye witness accounts/ reports then please contact the webmaster