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1924 to 2013

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1980 to 1989

The club appears to have remained dormant during most of the 1980s but in 1989 Jeff Clement, the current Club President, lead a revival by organising a meeting in the Fairwood Airport Lounge, "It was successful and there were so many people, many had to stand outside"

Competitions restarted in August with a Driving Test in Ford factory car park.

Later on Ocotber 26th the club organised, it's first big event of the new period, The Tour of Fairwood Rally, around the taxiways of the old airfield.

Plans were put into place to revive the Rally of the Vales, and the clubs fortunes began to soar.

N.B all these details are correct as far as is known. If anybody has any additional information and can supply official documentation or eye witness accounts/ reports then please contact the webmaster